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My Rx4ID Services


24/7 Identity Monitoring

The Internet Monitoring service proactively scans for your sensitive personal information, which is commonly sold and traded on the black market, internet sites and chat rooms.

Full Restoration Service

If you become a victim of identity theft, a professionally trained, US-based recovery advocate is assigned to you and will perform a fully managed identity restoration program.

Lost Wallet Service

Credit card theft will no longer be a concern, thanks to the Lost Wallet service. If you lose your wallet, you can immediately check your ID portal 24/7 to see if there is any suspicious activity on any of your credit cards.


Dark Web Breach Monitoring

The Early Warning System constantly monitors your identity on thousands of public and private data sources covering hundreds of thousands of records, and alerts you to possible threats to your identity.

Complete Household Monitoring

You’ll have the power to cover your entire household under one plan. This means that for up to 7 family members, all will have Lost Wallet Insurance plus a $1,000,000 umbrella policy from the leading insurance provider.

About Us


We make good things happen for other people.

  • The number one priority at Rx4ID is protecting your identity. We provide the most trusted suite of identity theft prevention and response products available.
  • Rx4ID's Early Warning System is a proprietary early detection and warning system which scans hundreds of data sources at various daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly intervals for address changes - a common link in identity theft cases. Rx4ID will alert you immediately to any potential identity theft in progress.
  • This invaluable system complements our already vast array of identity prevention and response products including our identity education center, criminal identity checks, online reputation monitor, and credit monitoring. Rx4ID is confident you will be completely satisfied with our services.
  • Contact the Rx4ID team if we can be of any assistance to you or your family.

Identity Theft Is A Growing Epidemic

The harsh reality is that banks and credit card companies are not going to be there when your identity has been breached. Why? Because ID theft is a growing epidemic in the United States. The numbers are truly staggering:

Identity theft occurs once every 2 seconds in the United States. Last year alone, more than 15 million Americans were victims of identity theft, resulting in losses of over $53 billion.

Armed with your personal information, criminals can apply for credit cards, apply for loans, open bank accounts, file tax returns and rent homes fraudulently by using your identity. The Rx4ID Team is there to protect you and your family's identity and immediately remedy any identity breach.

Identity Theft Statistics

The FTC reports that among identity theft victims:

85% Of Identity Theft Victims Had One Or More Of Their Accounts Misused
75% Of Victims Did Not Report The Crime To The Authorities
78% Of Victims Did Not Report The Crime To Any Credit Bureaus
50% Of Victims Did Not Know How The Criminals Got Their Personal Information

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Taking preventative measures is vital when it comes to protecting your health. So why do few Americans take these same precautions when it comes to protecting their identity?

There’s a victim of identity theft every 10 seconds. Don't be next.

Rx4ID delivers exceptional protection at an unbeatable price!


Individual Plan

$12.95per month
  • 24/7 Identity Monitoring
  • Full Restoration Service
  • Lost Wallet Service
  • Dark Web Breach Monitoring
  • 1 million in coverage for stolen funds

Family Plan

$19.95per month
  • 24/7 Identity Monitoring
  • Full Restoration Service
  • Lost Wallet Service
  • Dark Web Breach Monitoring
  • Add Up to 5 Family Members
  • Complete household monitoring
  • 1 million in coverage for stolen funds

Executive Plan

$24.95per month
  • 24/7 Identity Monitoring
  • Full Restoration Service
  • Lost Wallet Service
  • Dark Web Breach Monitoring
  • Add up to 5 Family Members
  • Complete household monitoring
  • 1 million in coverage for stolen funds
  • Title Protection


How do I access my billing information?

You can view billing and payment history from wthin your account.

What is the Lost Wallet Service and how do I use it?

Our Lost Wallet Service allows you to lock all accounts and credit cards in one easy step. This will prevent anyone who finds your wallet from charging your bank accounts or applying for loans in your name.

Who do I call if I think my identity has been stolen?

You can report to us at anytime using our toll free number. We also allow you to report identity theft online.

How do I cancel or downgrade my account?

You can downgrade or cancel your account at any time. We make it easy to do from within your account profile.

How can you provide the same service as other services for less?

Rx4ID has a unique business model. We literally acquire customers exclusively through referral of socially conscious communities and individuals. Identity Protection companies raise and spend millions on advertising to capture their customers. The cost of that acquisition is reflected in their rates for coverage. Rx4ID, on the other hand, doesn't spend a penny on TV, radio or press ads. Yet there is clearly a high demand for this important service for the current and future protection of families. As our customers, you also act as our advertisers and therefore we can reward you with low rates for top plan coverage and dedicated agent service. The very fact that you are here demonstrates that referral is effective.

I have an existing subscription with another company. I am told your service is much less expensive but has the same protection, coverage and personal service agent basis as the service I'm currently using.

We offer a full $1,000,000 protection plan for a family for $19.95 per month, with the same coverage as an agent to act as your personal concierge. In addition, we include Title Protection in our Executive package if you've unfortunately experienced a theft in the past. That very same protection from our competitors is at least $38.95 per month; excluding Title Protection.

I don’t like giving my Social Security information out.

We completely understand and support your concern. Although social security numbers are required to register for an Rx4ID program and the $1,000,000 protection plan, the process is sophisticated and completely confidential. You can trust that Rx4ID has security protocols for your SSN and other personal data private; as we are in the business of protecting privacy.

Do you notify me if someone runs my credit?

Yes, you will receive a notification for your protection from Rx4ID. That is the first line of defense in protecting your identity and credit.

If my identity is hacked, how do you know and how will you warn me?

There are a variety of ways that you or RX4ID can discover a hacking event or that your identity has been stolen. In most cases, this occurs immediately after an event takes place. This is why prompt action will be taken by one of our dedicated caseworkers who is assigned to work on your behalf. Together, with our maximum coverage you'll go through a precise procedure to process any claim, and advise all banks, bureaus and entities that you could be exposed to.

Why do I need protection if my bank account is protected by the Federal Government?

FDIC only insures up to $250,000 per account. However, once someone steals your identity, your exposure is not limited to bank accounts. You likely have credit cards, investments, insurance policies and a myriad of personal accounts with stores and the like (not to mention the legal fees and caseworker hours.) Our plan covers all of those scenarios for one low price for your entire family. It makes sense for every family to have a plan in place, and we offer the maximum available of $1,000,000 as standard protection.

Why do I need protection if my credit cards are covered against theft?

Yes, you may have credit card protection through your banking institution. But again, once your identity has been stolen once it can be a very unsettling. To ensure you won't experience credit card fraud in the future, Rx4ID provides an added layer of protection to shield your credit and your name. To have a solid plan that covers you at a maximum of $1,000,000 (plus all aspects of your identity) should be very compelling.

I get three annual bureau credit reports and credit scores with Lifelock. Would I receive the same with RX4ID?

Credit bureaus offer free credit reports, but these are not proactive protection. They can only tell you what your credit score is presently, at the very moment you decide to check it. If you determine an event has taken place, then you are on your own to fix for yourself or family at your expense if you are unprotected. RX4ID is protection in the event your identity is stolen and part of your early warning system. A credit report is essentially a photograph of your credit the day you run it.

What are your billing and cancellation policy?

We accept payment through major credit or debit cards on a monthly subscription basis. Once a family is protected by our $1,000,000 protection plan and they have peace of mind, it would be very rare for them to then cancel. Internet and cyber fraud are the fastest growing crimes in the world. Rx4ID’s protection plan is less than $0.67 cents a day to cover an entire family. Can you imagine dropping protection for an entire family, and a week later becoming a victim? What we have found is our coverage is affordable, plus we offer dedicated agents to work with you on your specific case. Many of our referrals are switching from other providers to Rx4ID. If you took a few moments to consider the potential damage to your family as a result of Identity theft, your only conclusion should be "why don't I have this already?"

Can I enroll everyone in my family on my plan if they are not at this address?

Each plan is issued to a specific address, and as many family members as reside permanently at that address can be covered. We represent an excellent value proposition: offering a $1,000,000 protection plan for less than $0.67 cents a day for an entire family. In the event a family member is a victim, we have dedicated agents to process all relevant documents and advise all credit bureaus and credit providers accordingly through professionally organized protocols.